Understanding digital tech to criticize and transform them

Welcome here

My name is Louis Derrac. I am a french digital litteracy actor since 2012, independent since 2018. I act as a consultant, designer and project manager, teacher and trainer.

Welcome to this site which is the backbone of my web presence. Here you will find my articles and posts, my services and freely shared resources.

To find out more about me, see the About page.

What I am doing at the moment

I am preparing the 4th edition of the Carrefour de l’innovation pédagogique, which will offer more than 30 activities over the 3 days of the Educatech fair. I am also working on the editorial strategy and preparing two conferences, on digital citizenship and on what the digital imaginary says about the school of tomorrow. See the programme.

I contribute to the EDU2030 diagnosis. As part of a consortium, we are carrying out a shared diagnostic process to qualify the needs of teachers and school actors so that they can educate students in the face of the ongoing digital transformation.

And also: I write a lot on this site. I prepare didactic courses for the university of Lyon 2. I’m geeking out on Mastodon. And I’m starting a digital garden.

What I share on this site

My articles, with my in-depth articles, reflections, or readings. I write mainly about education, digital technologies, alternatives.

My blog [In French], with light-hearted posts, monitoring, tips and sharing. Still focused on digital tech but not only.

My courses and training [In French], around digital culture(s) and economy, shared under the Creative Commons licence.

My services, where I explain what I propose to my potential clients. I mainly work as a consultant and project lead, or as a speaker.

My other spaces of expression

I share content on other spaces than this site. Here are the main ones.

My newswatch (in French): I share articles dealing mainly with digital, education, ecology, and alternatives. Often a bit of everything together.

My shared (digital) garden: this is a space where I share my notes, my accumulated knowledge, my thoughts.

My social networks: I am present on Mastodon and LinkedIn. But the best way to follow me is via this site and its RSS feed, or its newsletter.

Follow me via my newsletter

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To contact me : louis.pro [at ]derrac.com

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