Project design and management

I like to design, support or directly manage projects around my two specialties:

  • Digital culture: digital history, awareness of digital issues, study of economic / societal / political impacts of digital
  • Education: educational innovation, digital culture at school, media and information education

Project design

I design for my clients event projects, educational mediation devices, communication campaigns. My operation is as follows:

  • Understanding of customer needs
  • Creativity session with (or without) the client
  • Project conception
  • Formalization of the project in a document given to the client

Generally speaking, I adapt myself finely to the way my clients and partners work. Each project is unique, and if I systematically bring creativity, method and rigor, I am also very flexible.

Some references:

Project management

I can manage the projects that I have designed, or take charge operationally of projects designed by my clients. This project management includes:

  • Project schedule tracking
  • Project budget monitoring
  • Relationship with partners
  • Regular reporting with the client

There too, each project is unique, and so is its management.

Some references:

A few of my customer testimonials

Louis is a highly motivated collaborator, he has successfully designed and animated one of the most popular platforms of the Educatec Educatice fair. Thanks to his work and his knowledge of the sector, the crossroads of educational innovation was a pole of attraction estimated as a place for meetings and training. Louis has successfully met the challenge of bringing together hundreds of stimulated and mobilized teachers on educational themes.

Ghislaine de Chambine, Director of the Educatec-Educatice fair

A real pleasure to work with Louis on different missions, he is a real idea box and expert in the educational world; Louis combines two rather rare qualities, to be creative while having a very structured thought. We must also recognize real human qualities as well as a total commitment in each of the missions that Louis undertakes. I highly recommend !

Hadrien Deneufmaison, Director of the Business Unit Education at Madmagz

To work with me and know my conditions of intervention, do not hesitate to contact me. You can also consult my code of ethics, and see all of my references on this page.

Photo by Wonderlane on Unsplash

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