Conferences, training, workshops

I offer different forms of intervention (conferences, training, workshops) around my two specialties:

  • Digital culture: digital history, awareness of digital issues, study of economic / societal / political impacts of digital
  • Education: educational innovation, digital culture at school, media and information education

Digital culture

There is digital as a tool, infrastructure, material. And there is digital as a culture: the Internet and the web, smartphones, new economies, new exchanges, data and traces. It is this second digital that interests me.

Intervention formats:

  • Conferences
  • Training
  • Animation of workshops

I strive to offer educational, dynamic, inspiring interventions. I attach the same requirement on the substance and on the form, on the macro analysis and on real situations.

Off-the-shelf contents :

Introduction to digital culture and its challenges: what is digital in its complexity, what are the hidden challenges? The aim of this training is to make visible a technology that strives to become invisible.

Economic stakes of digital: digitization of existing economic players, emergence of the new digital economy, platform model, competition stakes, value chains, etc.

Political and social stakes of the digital world: digital technology intervenes in our lives and upsets, shapes and builds our social and political equilibrium. In what way, with what challenges and rules?

Challenges of digital transformation of organizations: business models, ecosystem of players including GAFAM and BATX, big data, webmarketing, e-commerce, communication and “web presence”, transparency, digital hygiene, collaboration, etc…

I can then offer tailor-made content on demand. Please contact me!

Some references:


Education has fascinated me since I started working. Transmission, the new skills needed in the 21st century, the impact of technological and societal transformations. Everything interests me.

I offer several intervention formats:

  • Organization of training days
  • Participation and animation in round tables
  • Animation of workshops, hackathon

Some references:

  • Organisation of a digital culture day for the Lyon academy (K12 teachers and digital trainers)
  • Mentor and jury during the Rennes academy hackathon

A customer testimonial

Louis offered us several conferences on the state of the art of digital technology that were out of the ordinary and managed to get the whole audience on board, even the most reluctant. His vision of the digital world and his pedagogy have a real impact. It was a pleasure to work with Louis and I hope to have the opportunity to do so again in the future.

Cassandra Cornilleau, Director of the digital school at SNCF

To work with me and know my conditions of intervention, do not hesitate to contact me. You can also consult my code of ethics, and see all of my references on this page.

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