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I’m doing some curing around several subjects I’m working on. Here is my curation of resources and tools related to WordPress, the reference CMS to create its website. I hope you will find it useful. You can access all my other resources here.

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WordPress Themes

It is important to know that there are fewer and fewer quality free WordPress themes, which allow you to really deploy a site without having to tinker.

It’s quite logical, the web is constantly changing and it becomes very complicated to develop and maintain a theme for free.

Very good free themes are therefore rare and are often personal themes made public by their creators, or freemium themes that encourage people to switch to a pro version. Nevertheless, here are some lists of free themes and some nuggets I found:

And you have the WordPress theme database accessible on their site. The themes are of all levels, most of them are quite mediocre I find but sometimes there are some nice finds.

Paid themes

To find paying themes, the reference is Themeforest. This is the reference marketplace for quality (and paying) wordpress themes.

WordPress Extensions

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One of the advantages of WordPress is that it relies on a huge community. Both to develop WordPress, the CMS (content management system). But also to develop extensions, extra features of the tool, and themes, which dress the sites.

Here is my selection of the best extensions for WordPress. I use them all and I spent a lot of time finding and testing them, so I hope you will find them useful:

Adding features to WordPress

Easy Table of Contents: if you write extended articles like me, a simple tool to set up a table of contents.

Worth The Read: allows you to add reading time and a progress bar to your pages and articles.

Contact Form 7: no longer the most popular contact form extension in WordPress!

Cookie Notice for GDPR: a very simple extension to set up a cookie notice for your site, as required by GDPR.

Math Captcha: if you’re tired of Google’s captcha, you can try this other tool that requires a simple addition but is still effective.

PDF Embedder: allows you to embed PDFs directly into a page or an article.

Polylang: allows you to manage multisite on your WordPress site.

Adding administration functions

Backupwordpress: a simple and efficient backup tool for your wordpress site, directory and database!

Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin: As its name suggests, allows you to easily connect your site to Google Analytics to track visits, most read articles, acquisition channels.

MailChimp for WordPress: to set up a subscription to your newsletter through the MailChimp tool. There are many other WordPress solutions: Mailpoet for example.

Really Simple SSL: once you have obtained an SSL certificate, this extension allows you to automatically switch your site and settings to work in HTTPS.

Wordfence Security: a must have extension for WordPress. Allows you to implement a number of security features on your site. For any site with traffic, I recommend the premium version or even more robust solutions. It’s impressive how sites are under attack today. My own site has been attacked 322 times by “brute-force attacks” in one month…

Yoast SEO: another must have extensions for WordPress. Allows you to set up a set of tools to optimize your SEO and the readability of your articles and pages. Lots of good advice. But be careful not to get locked into optimization and keep your editorial line and your goals. SEO is not everything.

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