For the past 10 years, I have been interested in the issues raised by digital technologies in our societies in general, and in the educational system in particular.

Today, I am convinced that in order to understand the world around us, we must understand digital technology as a total social fact. To be able to criticize and transform the digital world, we must be able to understand it.

I accompany organizations that wish to bring the keys to understanding the digital paradigm to their employees, their customers, their beneficiaries. My intervention can take many forms, but I systematically combine strategic vision and understanding of the field, analytical skills and creativity, rigor in content and form.


Specialist in educational ecosystems

Specialist in digital Inclusion Ecosystem

Project design and management

Training in digital litteracy

Interdisciplinary monitoring of societal issues in education and digital technology

Facilitation of workshops, roundtables, webinars

Recent projects

Design of the Carrefour de l’innovation pédagogique and the “informal gardens” at the Educatec-Tice exhibition. See more

Strategic accompaniment of Artips, Lingua Attacks, Open Digital Education

Accompaniment of the organization team of In-FINE

Recent works

Creation of the common Resnumerica.org: a wiki, a media, an exchange community. See more

Curation of resources around digital culture. See more

Bibliography and sitography on digital culture(s) and digital literacy. See more

Monitoring work on educational continuity. See more

Cours et formation

I teach and train to understand the digital world by taking a cultural, political, economic and social approach. I adapt my contents and formats to each training project. See my courses and training (currently in French).

Digital litteracy

A course where we talk about socio-technical history, economic, social, cultural and media issues, but also about digital (geo)politics and many other things.

Digital economy

A course where we talk about digital economy, history and ideology, dominant and alternative economic models, giant platforms and many other things.

Thinking and sharing

I write regularly on my work topics: digital and education. I write in French but I try to translate my most significant articles. In a logic of sharing and by conviction, all these contents, as well as my course materials and other resources are available under Creative Commons license.

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International press review on pedagogical continuity #2
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